Robert Thomas is Here!

First Smile

First Smile

First Pic With Mom

First Pic With Dad

First Pic With Mom and Dad

Bright Eyed and Ready to Go!

Bright Eyed and Ready to Go!

Weighing in at just seven pounds even, Robert Thomas Holcombe entered into this world today at 1:48PM surrounded by family and friends. Tabitha did great and so did the little one. I hope to have more pics later, but due to an email failure, these are all I have tonight.

I cannot tell you the emotions that have flooded my heart today. Being a grandfather is pretty awesome to say the least. As some of you have said, this is a brand new chapter in our lives that looks to be a joyous time.

I thought about my dad today and just wished that somehow he could be here with us. He would have an absolute fit (in the south is a good thing). I would like to think that somehow God would let him in on this. No matter what, he will get to see him one day as we are all gathered together again.

I’ll probably have some more to write about soon I’m sure. Thanks so much for all of your prayers and support for Tabitha and Thomas.


5 responses to “Robert Thomas is Here!

  • Meowmix

    I believe God let your dad pick Thomas out for you so he saw him before you did! He’s a doll……………

  • Donna

    Congrats! Yep, your world is about to be rocked!!

  • cwncw

    Congrats to Tab and hubby – Robert is a good looking boy who will be surrounded by the greatest gift one human can give another – lots of love.

  • Greg England

    In my best Californese: “DUDE!”

  • Sonny Owens

    Glad things are well. We prayed at HCU for you all especially for Robert Thomas. I did make a mistake though for some reason I read Richard instead of Robert and I called him Little Richard. Congrat’s. Let me tell you a poppa story, “When Jake ( Jacob, my grandson will be 13 in Nov.) was 5 Nanny (Jackie) asked him, ‘Jake, where are you going to play football?’ He said, “I don’t know Nanny.” Nanny said, “You know you are going to play at Lexington and Alabama.” Jake said, “I know that Nanny, I just don’t know where I am going to play pro football.” Now to be fair I must tell one on my baby girl Abby (granddaughter turned 10 last Wed.) We drove by a cemetery and Abby said, Poppa that’s where I am going to go when my heart gets sick.”
    If you ever run short of stories just give me a call but I don’t really look for that call because I don’t think you will ever run short. When you get him home, get in a recliner and put him on your chest and both of you take a nap. WOW! you will never be the same.

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