Robert Is In Huntsville

Well, things went well with little Robert for the first few hours, and most of you know he had to come to Huntsville Neo-Natal Intensive Care.

His breathing was the issue. They thought at first that he might have a Pneumothorax. That is a fancy word for a hole in the lung. Once he arrived at Huntsville, that diagnosis was almost immediately dismissed by the doctors.

They think now that his lungs were just not quite as developed as they needed to be. Since being here, however, he’s not been on any oxygen and has been doing well on room air. He took his first bottle since arriving here today. He is having to learn how to breathe when he eats. Right now he will suck his bottle and turn red before he will just stop and breathe. We have to remove the bottle and allow him to catch his breath and then let him eat some more. In other words he’s a lot like his papa. He’d rather eat than breathe.

I’m including some more pics showing his preparation for his trip to Huntsville. They really strap them in for that trip.



3 responses to “Robert Is In Huntsville

  • Meowmix

    What a sweetheart. Still praying he’ll develop and do well. Sounds like he’s coming along…………

  • Greg England

    Like his papa, he’d rather eat than breathe. You’re too funny, Keith! Those people in those NICUs are the best in the field. I’ve been where you are, only it was our son, not our grandson, then we were there for over a month with the twins, driving about 60 miles to see them and the people in that NICU floor were angels on earth.

    Glad he’s doing better. Hope mom and dad are getting some sleep because that will all end soon! One of the best aspects of being a grandparent …we get to sleep!!

  • Donna

    When we were at UAB they had a term called “Wimpy White Boys”. They seem to have the most trouble learning to breathe properly. I am sure he will be fine quickly.

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