For those who read this and don’t know what “Refuel” is, in a nutshell, it’s a monthly teen event where teens from all over our area gather to praise God and learn about their relationship with Jesus.

Refuel Sunday night was completely off the chain for me. I have loved Refuel since we started it about two years ago, but Sunday night will go down as one of my personal favorites.

The praise team was led by two leaders. Jeremy Swindle always does a wonderful job along with the rest of the team. Sunday night we also had a retired man named George Darling who “tag-team” led with Jeremy. I thought it was wonderful to see that kind of tandem leading worship with a predominantly teen congregation. We sang for about forty five minutes and it didn’t seem like it was long enough for me. The kids were in rare form.

It will be memorable for me also because I was privileged to be ask to speak by the Shoals church. I was very grateful for the opportunity. It’s only the second time I have spoken in a “church” setting like that since leaving Creekside back in June. I don’t remember having been so pumped about preaching.

We talked about Jesus feeding the 5000 and the response of the people to that miracle. I talked about what motivates us to live like we do. The people of that day followed Jesus for the bread he gave them. Jesus told them to not work for bread that spoils. I challenged the group to not work for the things that this world can give, but to trust Jesus as Lord and follow Him. That’s the only true motivation for living this Christian life. Jesus wants us to be motivated by our trust in Him and not our own power.

It was an exciting night for me also because I really believe that it was another of God’s blessings for me to see what it is that He really wants me to be doing with my life. I don’t know when, where, or how, but I honestly feel the tug of the Holy Spirit drawing me back into a life of ministry. It’s the first time in months I’ve felt this way. And to tell you the truth–I really like it.

My goal right now is to focus on God’s voice and listen to what he’s telling me. As I listen I want to look for open doors and see what He has in store.

Thanks for all of your encouragement and prayers.


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