God Will Take You Places You Would Never Go Yourself

Ask Abraham, Gideon, and Joseph. Ask countless others in scripture along with people in your own life about where God has taken them or where He is taking them. You are going to get all kinds of reactions.

Leaps of faith are not new. Many have changed their whole lives by making decisions based upon faith. When a mechanic tells you that you need a new engine, at least for me, I have to believe that based upon faith. When the doctor says, “Your gall bladder needs to come out,” I may have some pain, but I don’t know it’s my gall bladder. I have to trust that by faith. If those things are so easily believed and moved upon, why then do we find it so hard to trust the nudgings, promptings, and voices from God our Father? That question may never be settled upon by people in or out of church, but it is a legitimate question.

A friend of my recently told me, after hearing my story, that God will take you places that you would never go yourself. I have pondered that one a few days now. After having thought about it, I can look back over my life and see it to be true. He has allowed me to journey through some great times and not so great times, and the not so great times have been the times I didn’t want, but were some of the greatest growth times in my life.

I never thought I’d leave Creekside, but that has happened. After leaving, I never thought I’d ever go back into ministry again. The pain was just too much. Since then, I’ve grown to appreciate more what I had there and even am ready to see what it is that God has for me next in His kingdom. There is no way I’d have ever chosen this path for myself, but I can tell you that over the past several months (Especially the last two weeks)  I’ve learned more about faith than much of my life put together. God has never left–even when I tried to leave Him. Thank you God my Father!!

Here’s the deal. At the end of my last blog I wrote, “I don’t want to say in this blog, but I think I know my first step of faith in this chapter of my life. Please pray that it’s the right thing or that God will defeat my thoughts in a hurry.” Tomorrow, I’m going to pull that trigger of faith–barring some move of God that I’m not yet aware of.  Faith is exciting, fun, scary, crazy, and anything but logical.  With God all things are possible.

Please please please don’t hear me saying that I’m anything in all of this.  I am but a human.  I know my limitations.  I have lots of them, but my God has no limitations.  I hope to be able to share my story in more detail, but for now, just please praise God for His delieverance.  I haven’t yet seen it in detail as far as this part of my life is concerned, but I know that it’s only a matter of time–His time!


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