Faith Walk (Continued)

As of my last blog, which as really been a weekly instead of daily blog, I talked about a leap of faith that I was about to undertake. On Tuesday of this past week, I took that leap.

Remember the blog before last about God speaking to me through the song, “Voice of Truth.” That song prompted me to ask God, “So, what is it that you want me to leap out on faith about?” When I asked that question, I felt the immediate words, “Turn I your notice at Gold’s.” When I heard those words, I felt the urge to check God’s Idea by saying things like, “Lord, you do know what this economy is like don’t you?” But, I figure that He knows about it better and any of us.

I sought some counsel on the matter from a very dear friend here locally. His words were, “Before you turn in your notice you need to fast and pray.” It’s not at all surprising to hear this because only a few weeks ago, another brother in Christ had encouraged me to do the same. I decided to fast and pray on that Tuesday about this decision. I spoke to Ellen about it, and as she has been throughout this whole process, she was very supportive–to the point that she decided to fast and pray with me.

[Important Side Note] If God is going to challenge your faith, it’s so important to have a mate like I do. Ellen made me feel somewhat how Sarah must have made Abraham feel. When I told her what I had been prompted to do, she did not hesitate. She said, “I’ll do this with you and whatever God puts on your heart, I will follow.” To me that’s the kind of faith that God supports and blesses. It’s more a blessing than I can describe to have her as my bride!

So, I took the day off on Tuesday and from Monday night bedtime through Wednesday morning, we fasted and prayed. The focus of this fast was to make sure that my decision was something of God and not just something I wanted to do. I told Ellen that when we went to bed on Tuesday night I wanted to be firm in my commitment about whatever decision that God placed on our hearts.

What a wonderful day that was! No distractions, prayer all day with my wife, some deep conversation with God! It was one of the most cleansing feelings I have ever had. When bedtime came that night, I knew that I was going to proceed with my decision to turn in a notice on Wednesday. And I did!

It seems crazy to say it, but I felt great about having made the decision. To God be all the glory and praise!! Now we wait on Him to deliver on His promise. I don’t know where, when, or how, but I believe that He will make good on it.

Some blessings of this fast:

1. Learning that I CAN do this.
2. The closeness I felt with God all day.
3. The closeness I felt with Ellen that day.
4. The physical became almost invisible because the spiritual was so strong.
5. The physical was blessed too.
6. The clarity of mind a spirit was incredible.
7. Little things did not bother me as much.


8 responses to “Faith Walk (Continued)

  • cwncw

    Praying for you here too Bro. Email me if you want to or can if you can give me some more details. If you can’t, we’ll still pray because the big Man upstairs knows the details.

  • Brenda Clanton

    Thank you for your faith. Thank you for listening to God. I agree with you about your wife. She is one special Lady and I love her very much.

  • Donna

    wow….true faith in action.

    I like Cecil await the rest of the story…

  • Connie

    Not sure exactly how you come up with quitting your job (I assume without having another one) being a mark of faith, but I sincerely pray things go well for you and your family now that you have made this decision.

  • Keith Davis

    Connie, It’s not the quitting of the job that is a step of faith. It’s trusting that God will take care of me because I did what He ask me to do. When we listen with our hearts to God, He is likely to ask us to do things that stretch our trust, make others question why, and add much confusion to those around us as to why we would do illogical things. Faith is believing, doing, and trusting that whatever God asks us to do, though it seem out of the realm of “normal,” we simply act and trust out of obedience to his call.

    Quitting a job without one to replace it in this economy is a huge leap of faith. It is not a bragging thing with me, I just shared my story. When God sees me through it and I come out on the other side with a stronger faith, then my testimony will be, “PRAISE HIM!” And maybe, just maybe, others will follow and see how faith works for them. Still others will continue to be skeptical.

  • Meowmix

    Keith, thank you for sharing your journey. I, like others, wait with you to see where God leads you next. I like to think I have a strong faith (sometimes), but I can’t even imagine the kind of faith it took for you to do this………and for Ellen to support you in it. (I’ve been actively looking for a job for a month and a half, in a field I spent 40 years doing, and have been unsuccessful so far – have read of others who’ve been looking for far longer………… I understand where Connie is coming from)! But I believe I’ve had a glimpse into your heart, and I know you are sincere in this. I am praying with you, and above all, we know that God is able. May He continue to bless you and Ellen.

  • Connie

    I remain confused as to how you get a message from God to quit your job when one of your primary responsibilities as a Christian is to support your wife and family. However, I don’t doubt your sincerity and I pray that things will be well with you and your family.

  • Keith Davis

    I do thank you for your prayers Connie. But it sounds to me like you do doubt my sincerity. My primary job as a husband and father is to teach my family about faith in God. God promises to take care of me through my faith. I must trust His calling, listen to His word, and obey. I cannot wait till he fulfills His promise to me and I give my testimony to His Glory!!

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