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My Prayer In The Desert

I don’t know about you, but when I hear a song like the one in the following video, I want to just praise God.  How do I see God when I’m in the desert?  I love the last couple of lines “This is my prayer in the harvest, when favor and providence flow.  I know I’m filled to be emptied again.  The seed I’ve received I will sow.” Just knowing that all that we are given by God is to be emptied out all over the place in seeds of love toward the world helps me realize that I will be filled again, but there is a cost to being filled–to be emptied again.  When we don’t empty ourselves, we hoard, that is not of God.  May we all see the blessing of the message of this awesome song!!


Faith In Action

I don’t even know what to type right now. I us all to see faith in action. Please read the following blog and watch God working through my friends John and Jessica.  Click HERE.

Perspective–The Hard Way

Most of the time, when a person says that they have gained some perspective, it means they have been through a hard time in their lives. Tragedy and pain are great equalizers. Everyone hurts at some point. Either you are in hurt, coming out of it, or about to go into it. That is the way of life.

Today started out as a very victorious day for me. I spoke for the first time since leaving Creekside in June on a Sunday morning. It was a joyful time for me. I felt the power of God flowing through me as I brought a message about being more thankful to God for His rich blessings.

The afternoon brought food, rest, and a ball game or two. Tonight we enjoyed our brother Wayne Gean bring a message about the true meaning of love. Sounds like the end of a near perfect day.

After getting home tonight, I decided to finish printing the rest of the wedding invitations for Tabitha and Thomas’ wedding. That’s when the stupidity began. The printer that was working fine earlier today decided to not work so well. Long story short–I got angry, broke part of the printer, walked away, and like an idiot left the problem for Ellen to work out. Some “man” I turned out to be. Certainly not what God would look down upon and smile.  After all of this I get the following perspective builder for me.  I feel so small.

My friend and son in the faith, John Crowe and his wife Jessica found out yesterday that their son, Noah, who is just a toddler has a brain tumor the size of a grown man’s fist. He began showing signs of this not too long ago, but they just thought he may have hurt his leg or was just clumsy. He began to barely be able to use the left side of his body–first his leg, now his arm. You can read all the details at the following website. I hope that you will pray for Noah. I know that you all will.

I pray for all of us to put down the insignificant things in our lives and open our eyes to see the real things of this life. God, Family, Friends, and most of all serving the Lord.

God help me to gain more perspective with you at the center of my life.

New Robert Pics

They said that grandbabies would be the best thing to have ever happened to you. Here are some new pics of our new grandson Robert.

Robert Asleep 11-11-09

After a Bottle.









Robert inleaves

Beautiful Fall Leaves











Just chillin'!!












Proud Mom and Dad












Great Momaw and Papaw










Great Mimi!!










Too Cute!!











Celebration Was Wonderful

It’s been quite while since I have driven a group of teens anywhere. Dan, our youth minister, asked if I would, so I did. some things you just don’t forget how to do. Some of you may ask, “What’s there to knowing what to do when driving a van loaded with teens?” I’m glad you ask.

First, you have to allow the kids some time to get to know your driving style. Mine is rather erratic to say the least, so it didn’t take long for that.

Second, there is the whole “getting to know you phase.” This is the first trip we’ve taken with the teens at Macedonia. Some of them know a little about me, but not enough to be comfortable. It was really quiet on that van for a while. The trip back was much more relational.

Third, the kids had to put up with my very dry sense of humor. They didn’t seem to mind that too bad. I even got a chuckle or two out of them.

eleven in the skyFourth, it is important to recognize teachable moments. On this trip we went through some beautiful country in Tennessee. The fall colors and the sunset were amazing. Lots to talk about there. On the way back we even saw a number in the sky, posted here. We are still trying to figure out the significance of this writing in the sky. I’m still open for suggestions.

Anyway, we really had a wonderful time in Kentucky. The worship was really awesome!! Chris Lindsey from Watershed led the worship along with the praise team from Crosspoint Church in Florence. Randy Harris knocked it out of the park. We also heard Jason Ashlock from the Manhattan Church.

Still my favorite part of the whole event was the praise and worship. To see over 1000 teens and adults gathered in a room that seated 1000 dancing, raising their hands, clapping, shouting, sitting still, praying, laughing, and just having a great time in worship is something that can’t help but fire me up!!

Children were sponsored through Compassion International, toiletries were collected to give to shelters for abused women, and money was taken up to support the Murray State University Christian Student Center. That is a lot of help from a few groups of teens.

I was just honored to get to be there.

Going to Celebration!

Hey guys, I will be gone for a couple of days. We are going to “Celebration” in Kentucky Dam State Park. It is a smaller version of Winterfest. Randy Harris is going to be the keynote guy there. I’ve never heard Randy speak to teens. I’ll bet it will be wonderful.

So, thanks for reading my blog. That means a lot to me. Talk to you guys next week.

The Love of My Life

Twenty-six years ago today I married the love of my life. Through so many things, we have stood together. I love being with her all of the time.

I just wanted to take this day and honor her for having put up with me for so many years. That deserves some kind of medal.

In our marriage I’ve never once doubted our being together. I’ve loved Ellen from the first time we looked into each others eyes and I will always love her.

While talking a lot lately about faith, I’ve discovered how much Ellen loves me. She trusts the leading of the Spirit of God in all that we do. She has had a deep faith from the outset of my God-leading’s. She places her confidence in God to take care of us and is willing to leap out on faith with me. That is the ultimate in loving behavior from wife.

I just wanted to take this time to say to you Ellen, “Thanks for all the wonderful times you given to me. I will love you forever!!”