Perspective–The Hard Way

Most of the time, when a person says that they have gained some perspective, it means they have been through a hard time in their lives. Tragedy and pain are great equalizers. Everyone hurts at some point. Either you are in hurt, coming out of it, or about to go into it. That is the way of life.

Today started out as a very victorious day for me. I spoke for the first time since leaving Creekside in June on a Sunday morning. It was a joyful time for me. I felt the power of God flowing through me as I brought a message about being more thankful to God for His rich blessings.

The afternoon brought food, rest, and a ball game or two. Tonight we enjoyed our brother Wayne Gean bring a message about the true meaning of love. Sounds like the end of a near perfect day.

After getting home tonight, I decided to finish printing the rest of the wedding invitations for Tabitha and Thomas’ wedding. That’s when the stupidity began. The printer that was working fine earlier today decided to not work so well. Long story short–I got angry, broke part of the printer, walked away, and like an idiot left the problem for Ellen to work out. Some “man” I turned out to be. Certainly not what God would look down upon and smile.  After all of this I get the following perspective builder for me.  I feel so small.

My friend and son in the faith, John Crowe and his wife Jessica found out yesterday that their son, Noah, who is just a toddler has a brain tumor the size of a grown man’s fist. He began showing signs of this not too long ago, but they just thought he may have hurt his leg or was just clumsy. He began to barely be able to use the left side of his body–first his leg, now his arm. You can read all the details at the following website. I hope that you will pray for Noah. I know that you all will.

I pray for all of us to put down the insignificant things in our lives and open our eyes to see the real things of this life. God, Family, Friends, and most of all serving the Lord.

God help me to gain more perspective with you at the center of my life.


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