A Day To Remember

Wow! What a day! It started off with me and Brandon going to pick up the wedding cake and chicken tenders for the reception. That sounds harmless enough, but transporting an expensive cake and worrying about if it will stand the near 30 minute drive to the church is not an easy task. We made it just fine until we were turning into the church parking lot. The cake was fine, but the chicken tenders began to slide. My nephew caught the container and saved the day!

Once at the building, the stress began. There were so many loose ends to tie up before getting ready for the picture-taking. We had to get the last-minute music in order, finish the food stuff for the reception, finish the decorating, and take care of last-minute problems.
We started the picture-taking part of the day about 12:30. Getting that many people in line to cooperate can usually be a chore, but once we got everyone settled, it went pretty well. I hope to share some pics soon.

After picture-taking, the time seemed to really slow down. Every detail is etched in my mind now, but thanks to video, even when the details are gone, I’ll be able to watch most of the day on TV.

Emotions began to sink in and we all had our contemplative moments where a few tears were shed. The first time I saw Tabitha in that dress, those same emotions flooded my heart that did the first time I saw Ellen in hers. Tabitha is a beautiful girl inside and out. Thomas looked rather damper in his tux as well. He still says “swayt tay” (translated sweet tea) as country as the come even when looking all “upidy” in his threads!
The wedding did not go without flaws, which makes a wedding even more fun to watch. First, the candle-lighter for Perry would not extend. Second, the runner that would be the white carpet the wedding party would come in on would not roll out. When it finally did, tape that was holding the front of it let go. Thankfully, Randy was there taking video and just stood on it.

After the wedding party all got in, it was Tabitha and my turn. That is one of the most sobering moments in my life. I realized that I had never done this before and had better sure never have to do this with Tabitha again. I realized that this was the moment she had been waiting for and one that Ellen and I had known would come and did know how to really know how to do this!

We made the walk just fine. Mark Maybrey was waiting in the minister’s spot to receive us. He had the kids to write a letter to one another signifying what this day meant to them. I was doing just fine until I heard the words they had written–very mature and loving toward one another.   After reading these statements, Mark asked, “Who gives this bride to be wed?”  Then I handed her over to Thomas.  I then switched places with Mark and did the ceremony.

I stared with a verbal blunder.  I can’t remember the exact way I goofed, but it did start the whole ceremony off with a light note.  I’ll play you this clip sometime because it is a classic, but the best I can remember, I said something like, “We’ve prayed since Tabitha was in the womb that a man would come one day and take her away.”  I didn’t really mean it like that, but people love to laugh at preachers who mess up, so I was able to give them one there.  The rest of that part of the ceremony went well.

Once we got to the rings, Raymond, Thomas’ granddaddy and best man, decided he would fake losing the ring.  He really hammed it up.  It was great. 

Once the vows were made, kiss exchanged, and unity candle lit, the couple came to the center to be presented–only this couple already has a baby boy.  They decided to allow Robert to leave the ceremony with them.  He was brought in and handed to them.  I presented them, “Thomas, Tabitha, and Robert Holcomb.”

They left to the music “Walking on Sunshine” by Catrina and the Waves.  They all danced down the aisle as they left.  Ellen and I even did a little jig.  My mom danced out with Brandon.  I can’t wait to see (and hopefully share) this video.  As Britney went out, she provided one more light moment when she got tangled up in the very flimsy runner.

All in all , it was a great day.  It ended with Brandon playing one of the best basketball games of his high school season.  I’ll show you a picture of his radio interview in a later blog.  He had ten steals, too many assists to count, and five points.

Pray for Britney though.  Her day ended with her boy friend breaking up with her.  She really didn’t need that today.  Boys don’t have the best judge of timing.


3 responses to “A Day To Remember

  • Jennifer

    Keith, I enjoyed reading this blog of the wedding. I am so sorry that I couldn’t be there with Kevin yesterday. We are doing a drama/musical production at church and we had a performance that I obviously couldn’t miss. After reading this, I feel better knowing some of what happened. Kevin is a man and he didn’t have many details to offer when I quizzed him. We are so happy for Tabitha and wish them ALL the very best. I can’t wait to see pics of the beautiful bride! Love to you all! Jennifer, Kevin, and the gang

  • Meowmix

    Wow! Sounds like a fun day all around. Reminds me of the oldest girl from our house who got married. During picture taking time, she backed up toward the lit candle. Her veil did not catch fire, but it got kinda smoked, singed, or something! 🙂

  • cwncw

    Man – what a day for you guys. I loved reading your description of it all. Kudos to Brandon on the game and the interview and I can bring a group of truck driving redneck West Cocoa boys if you need us to find Britney’s ex and teach him a lesson about timing! 🙂

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