Tough News Yesterday

It looks like my work at the Sound Shoppe on a somewhat regular basis will end soon. I was hired on the promise that I could work pretty regularly until Christmas at a local music store. (Heaven for a drummer–even though it is primarily a guitar store.) I work with two great guys whom I’ve grown very close to in a short period of time. It is a small business, however, and I will probably not get to work there after Christmas except a couple of days a week.

I’ve been very appreciative to my friend Darrel for taking me on as long as he has. It has been great for me to work around one of my passions in life–music! I’ve enjoyed this part of my journey.

Now I need you to pray for us that God will work the next step out in our life. I have every reason to be confident that He will take care of us. He has never failed us yet and I don’t suspect He will start now.

I feel God leading me back into ministry somehow, but it is still unclear how that will happen. I have some ideas, but do not feel that it is the right time to act on them.


6 responses to “Tough News Yesterday

  • Donna

    Merry Christmas. I will be praying that God shows you something you haven’t even thought of yet…

  • Meowmix


    and Merry Christmas

  • Brenda Clanton

    I don’t know what or when, but God does. I just wish I could give you the answer. I’ll keep praying. It is going to be great and what a testimony for others. Love your family and you..

  • jel

    may this CHRISTmas be a blessing 2 u and your family!

  • gregengland

    Bummer. We’ve had to start cutting people back due to the economy and I don’t see it getting any better any time soon. I think all the government has done (what ever that is!) has only postponed the inevitable market correction that must take place.

    Still praying for you, brother.

  • Connie

    Don’t ever forget that every Christian is “in ministry.” Most of us are not paid as such, but that’s what we are doing every day. Praying that you’ll soon find your niche, whatever that may be.

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