Championship and Snow In Bama!!

Today brought about two things that haven’t happened in a long time. The picture here shows the first. We woke this morning to snow. It has been so cold that it stuck. I couldn’t resist one picture to show you guys. It’s not much, but enough to shut down the schools.

Then tonight the Tide rolled all over Texas. I figure most of you saw the game or heard about it, so I won’t give the details. I will say kudos to the Tide defense and Mark Ingram.

I also want to give a huge shout out for Colt McCoy, Texas’ quarterback) who is one of the “classiest” kids I’ve ever seen on TV. His congrats to Bama and his spiritual testimony was awesome tonight. I hated to see him go down like that with an injury. He is a great warrior for God. I pray for him to go far in the NFL and stay strong in his faith.


4 responses to “Championship and Snow In Bama!!

  • Donna

    Roll Tide! McCoy was a class act. I loved Ingram going over and giving him a big hug after the game (McCoy may feel his arm now). Two classy guys and Ingram probably felt his pain of missing the game as much as anyone…but still…


  • cwinwc

    Nice pics and way to go Tide.

    Calling for enough snow here to make (as the local weather guy said) a “snow ant.” đŸ™‚

  • Meowmix

    That’s about how much snow we got!

  • gregengland

    It used to amaze me that schools would shut down in North Alabama over the slightest dusting of snow! But when Janice was teaching there, it was always good to have a day off together … snuggling in a warm house.

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