New Blogroll Additions

Hey guys, I’ve added a couple of new blogs to my “blogroll” that I find interesting and thought you might as well. I’d like to take this blog time to introduce these guys to you.

The first in the list is Mark Maybrey’s Luke blog. Mark is the pulpit minister at Macedonia where we currently are part of the church family. Mark is a dear friend and has been a close confidant in the struggles we have been experiencing. I met Mark back a few years ago when he came to Macedonia. I was at Creekside at the time and called him up to get to know him better. On that day we talked about how awesome it would be to get to work together someday and that “someday” has arrived. He and Tammy have three wonderful children and are a really good team in the ministry. Marks blog is a follow up on the sermon series he is in currently on the book of Luke. We’ve only heard to lessons so far, and it is already blessing our lives in a big way.

The second new link in my list is Ron Ethridge. Ron and his wife Pam are just great people. We met through basketball at Muscle Shoals. Their son Britton (a sophomore) plays on the varsity team as well.

Ron is an interim pastor for the Baptist church in one of our near-by towns called Moulton. He has pastored churches since 1989 in Mississippi and Alabama. He is a generous man and has been one of those divine appointments in my life. He has “been there and done that” when is comes to seeing the nasty of ministry. Therefore, he has related well with our situation and been a tremendous blessing.

I know you guys read lots of blogs, and I don’t usually put more on the list, but these too guys are worth the time. I love and appreciate them.


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