Just as a quick report, Robert is out of the hospital. He came home today. Praise God!!

Do you ever stop to think about options in your life? I mean really think about how many things are put before you each day. I have tended over the last few months to cry, hurt, and just become downright depressed about my situation in life–broke, beaten up, and bewildered! I wonder what to do, when to do what to do, and how to do what to do when what to do becomes clear. (That’s tough to type and maybe tougher to read, but you get the picture).

Lately, however, I am beginning to see that I have options. Many people in my situation don’t have options. Many are so locked into their situation that there literally are not any choices.

So, for now, I rejoice in options. I am thankful to have a few. Even when some of the options are not exactly the way I would have drawn it up, I have options. Even wen some of the options will take me out of my “comfort zone,” I have options.

So, when your situation looks like the end of your rope, look for options. When you feel all hope is gone, start looking at other options.

Satan would have us remain in fear that things will never get better. He would have us believe that we are stuck and in a rut or stuck in the mud and sinking. God gives us options.

We serve a God who is greater that our circumstances. We serve a God who can do things we can only ask or imagine. We serve a powerful, living, vibrant Lord who loves us so much that we are born into His family and made right (though we are wrong) through the resurrection of Jesus.

Look for options and bask in the glory of God. And don’t forget to give Him all the glory when He lets you in on His plan.


3 responses to “Options

  • Donna

    Sometimes when I think of the blessings I take for granted I feel shame. We are blessed with options in this country…some will never have as much as we throw away in a day…..

  • Meowmix

    So glad little Robert is home and better.

    That “waiting for God to let us in on His plan” is a toughie, to be sure. We do all have options, some more than others. My nephew is one who feels he’s pretty much stuck, but on his apparent last day with us at our house, I’ve tried to impress that, even though his options are not what he wanted, they are still options. I’m right in line with your thinking today.

  • gregengland

    Glad to hear the grandson is better.

    Yes, there are options. Maybe not as many as we would hope to have, but I’ve found most of the time my circumstances are a direct result of the decisions I made earlier in time … and for that I don’t have anyone to blame but myself. Nor do I tend to think it’s God’s business to straighten out the messes I make of my life … though He may. And though, on an eternal level, He already has.

    The latest news on the economy (as of this morning) is that we need 100,000 new jobs A DAY just to stay up with putting the 15,000,000 jobless back to work, and that doesn’t account for those who are trying to break into the work force. And, our economy is so vastly different today from the last recessions / depressions we went through, we cannot count on the same forces to pull us through. Historically, those forces were the auto industry, housing, and banking.

    And yet, we still have more options than most people in the world. Well, I’ve rambled enough. I hope some of your options work out for you and your family. You are all special to us.

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