American Christianity — We Ought To Be Ashamed

Any time my mom said, “You ought to be ashamed of yourself boy,” I knew I had done something that required lots of remorse to show that I cared at all. Those words came to my head again after watching the following video on a friend’s blog. I had to share it with you guys. Please take the nine minutes of time and watch this. It just might change our perspective about what really matters.

This past Sunday at our church it was reported that someone got up and left claiming to never be back. The bottom line reason was that “things were just getting out of hand.” Know what tipped her over the proverbial edge? We actually clapped a little louder during the song “Shout Hallelujah.” I’m sorry, but that doesn’t even show up on the radar of importance from the perspective of scripture and especially in light of persecution.

Click Here For Video


6 responses to “American Christianity — We Ought To Be Ashamed

  • Brenda Clanton

    If we don’t praise our God more is it all going to be taken away from us? We really need to take our Freedom to worship seriously, not only on Sundays but everyday. When I run into someone and ask how are you and they say ” I’m so Blessed by the Best”, I think why do I not say that, instead of “fine or Okay”.
    We are so afraid of hurting someone’s feelings or they might not agree with what I’m doing. I need to remember Pleasing God is all that matters.
    The video helps me to remember that people are been persecuted for believing in God. Thanks Keith.

  • Tabitha

    The only thing that bothers me….really, REALLY bothers me is that the same ppl that complain about clapping and praising GOD…are the ones who will stand up and shout praises at football games…what’s right about that? God gave his son for us….and we think we should be quiet about that….wow.

  • cwinwc

    We have a man in his 60’s at our church. He’s battled brain cancer, he’s battling high blood pressure, and he’s a mentor to many of our young men including my son. He realizes the grace that God has shown him and it bubbles up in pure praise for God. He not only claps, he SHOUTS “Jesus” during many of our songs. That’s the guy I want to be standing next to in Heaven. He gets it.

  • gregengland

    We had some of those people along the way and I never once followed them to see if I could get them to reconsider and stay.

  • Ellen

    It is really sad to me that people get so upset when others praise God. God, the One who has done so much. We can get so excited about things that don’t really matter but the one thing that matter the most we are suppose to sit down, don’t move and be quiet about. Something is really wrong with that.

  • Donna

    I would be with Greg…let em go, and shout and clap a little louder! God deserves all of our praise.

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