There you have it my blog for the day! FRUSTRATED!!


6 responses to “Frustrated

  • Sonny Owens

    Psalm 18:1-3

  • cwinwc

    Hang in there Bro.

  • gregengland

    What about all those “God is awesome” … “God never fails us” … “Grace is sufficient” blogs??? Now you’re sounding more like me!! For the most part, in spite of the truth of God’s awesome, never-failing, grace, I find life to be pretty much frustrating. My wife doesn’t. She misses out on the sordid subtleties of life as I see life!

  • Ben

    That’s correct Keith, christians should be ashamed. Some of the best science in the world, and Americans still hang on to those bronze age myths. Isn’t it completely obvious that primitive man, who knew nothing about the world, just made stuff up to feed their own desire of curiosity? That any answer was better than no answer? Ask yourself what is more likely. That of all the gods that man has ever created, all of them were false and made up but one? (christian god) OR… that all gods are made up. Common sense dictates that: with all the creation myths in different parts of the world, and different religious cults all claiming to be truth; there are no such things as gods, and everyone in every part of the world was making stuff up, even in the deserts. So yes, American christians should very well be ashamed. And to greg’s never-failing grace comment: nice to say things like that when there isn’t ultimate suffering where you live. I can guarantee the families of Africa who are murdered everyday by warbands and die of starvation or born with AIDS pray more than you do, but never see any grace.. Your guys’ logic is broken man.

  • kdavis777

    Ben, I think you miss my point here. I’m not frustrated because I am struggling with “belief,” I’m struggling because I don’t see the plan clearly yet. You can call a belief in God a “desire of curiosity” or whatever you want, but for me, without a relationship with my God, the creator of this universe (that includes you), I really don’t know what I’d be doing right now. I’d be in a dilemma for sure. You see, I don’t equate my doubts and fears with disbelief. I don’t doubt His existence at all. I would just like to get in on His plan. You’d do well to figure that one out for yourself. Suffering doesn’t disprove God. My parents made me “suffer” many times not giving me what I wanted or keeping me away from some things I did want. That did not disprove their existence, I just didn’t know the plan very well at that age. Understand? Thanks for posting though.

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