On the Brink of Something

I hear it all over our town and beyond. The words are not always the same, but the thought process is. Sometimes the words come out in frustration sometimes they happen with great expectation and excitement. The expectation is like someone on the edge of their seat watching a movie that has them so wrapped they can’t wait to see the outcome.  Sometimes people even have a difficult time expressing what they are feeling, but it all centers on one thought.

It’s interesting to me that this thought process is crossing tradition-conservative, liberal-post-modern, denominational, and even racial lines. It knows no boundaries. It knows no ethnicity. It knows no social/economic structure. It just simply is and there’s nothing we can do about it, but embrace it and try to seek ways to listen to God and obey His voice.  We are on the brink of something–a stirring of God like we’ve never seen before.

What is this thought process? My way of articulating it is this: God is seeking people who are willing to stretch the borders of the kingdom into places that Christians have traditionally have not gone. The call on my heart is to go where the fish are and fish. My desire is to take to the fields which are white unto harvest and bring in the sheaves for God! The passion I’m hearing from people all over the Shoals is–Let’s stop playing church and let’s make a difference in our society. I think it’s time to put our proverbial money where our mouth is.

There are mission fields all over the world. One might think that doing mission work in the buckle of the Bible belt is a crazy idea. To think of this place as a mission field is a crazy thought, but it is the cry of my heart right now.

Several months ago I received a word from God. It’s the only time in my life that I felt God actually say something to me. I’m sure He’s tried before, but I just wasn’t in a place of listening. I certainly was in a much more desperate place at that time. His words were “bring them together.” I am still contemplating that word from Him, but just today I have thought that it could mean that I am to be used to bring the hurting and sinfully sick together with those who are in Jesus and are sick and tired of the church game. I think if people who are of like-minded faith in what really matters, we can change our world from the inside out.

A few weeks later I received another word from God. As plain as I’m writing this I believe that God asked me to take a leap of faith and quit my job at Golds Gym. I did that trusting Him to take care of me. He has always taken care of me, but I’ve never lived by faith like I have in the last several weeks or months.

I believe at this time that God has taken me and my family through this journey in order to teach us total reliance on Him. The only way to do what He’s called me to do is to completely rely on His providence and care.

I know that for some of you this blog will be hard to read. I understand that, but I just have to follow my heart. For some of you reading this blog will cause a swelling in your heart to do the same thing. I pray that God will totally release us from the structure of organized religion and open our hearts to our community to be Jesus instead of doing church.

I also know that we live in a “church” culture and this will take time, but with God’s help we can help others know the love of Jesus right where they are. They can know how to live life free from guilt and pain. They can know real freedom in Jesus.


11 responses to “On the Brink of Something

  • Marnie

    Have you been reading “Pagan Christianity”? A very eye-opening, earth shaking book about the falicies of organized religion.

  • Marnie

    Also, I “Amen” the last two paragraphs. God bless.

  • Keith Davis

    Marnie – I have not read that book, but I just might. I’ve had so many people advise me to read books. It’s just another confirmation that we are on the brink of a move of God. Thanks for your comment.

  • Brenda

    As one of my friends had on facebook yesterday, sometimes we are the only Bible people read.

    I pray you continue to listen to God . He is going to do even greater things through you than ever before .

  • Greg England

    Not meaning to be judgmental, but that sounds like a much needed expectation in that area. Having grown up there, and being involved in ministry / preaching there for many years, I know “from whence you come” and hope this leads to spiritual revival there. And beyond.

  • Donna

    Let us know how it goes with the leap of faith….
    Sometimes I think the hardest people to really reach for God are those immersed in the Bible Belt where hypocrisy runs amuck and everything but Jesus is preached and shouted and printed in the paper….. Would that someone would just show them Jesus

  • Meowmix

    I don’t think considering north Alabama a mission area strange at all! I think there is a vast number of mission areas right here in the USA. I heartily applaud mission efforts and missionaries and their families who choose to go to foreign countries. I do. But sometimes I wonder. I’m thinking of two facts I know about that made me wonder. Fact no. 1: In our area, we have a large hispanic population. Fact no. 2: We recently added a missionary effort to our budget – a missionary effort to Mexico!

  • Sonny Owens

    Greg I have asked once but will again. Where did you preach? Just wondering.

  • Greg England

    Sonny: Sorry, I don’t remember you asking that as I would have told you. I preached part time out at the Kilburn church. Their preacher was out of town one Sunday and I was asked to fill in. I was doing counseling / hypnotherapy at the time and one of their deacons knew me. Shortly after that, their preacher left to go into full time mission work and I was hired to fill in until they found another preacher. I filled in for 7 years and saw the little church go from about 30 members to over 100. My only gig where the church actually grew! Last I heard (which was years ago), they were back to just a handful. For the most part, it was a wonderful experience with some very good people. Pretty much set in their ways and beliefs, but good people.

  • Sonny Owens

    They are still were they were. We have many congregations (even the one I work with) that need to merge somewhere. If we ever met I can’t remember. I don’t remember much of anything. Have known and do know several from Kilburn. They are good people but not a lot of vision. Thanks. I have heard you say several times that you preached in this area but I didn’t know where. Keith thanks for allowing me to use your space to ask Greg about this. Hope your not frustrated….still:)

  • Keith Davis

    No problem Sonny. I think frustration will always be with us in some way in this world, but I’m much better today. Greg also has a great blog to read as well. It’s a wonderful way to get to know him better. Check out my blog roll. His blog is “Why Soitenly”

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