Good Friends

It doesn’t matter how bad the dark place is when one has friends.  Thanks to all of my friends.  Though I lose all of my earthly possessions, with friends I am rich.  Many have counseled me of late with listening, admonishment, prayer, concern, gifts, good advice, and more.  Thanks to you all.

(Proverbs 17:17 NCV)  “A friend loves you all the time, and a brother helps in time of trouble.”


4 responses to “Good Friends

  • Meowmix

    Life would indeed by bleak without our friends. And a line from one of my favorite all-time movies comes to mind. It is SO true. As Clarence the Angel told George Bailey, “No one is a failure who has friends.” I am glad that you have an abundance of them.

  • Keith Davis

    Judy, You are truly one of those friends. Thanks for commenting here. It is a joy to know that people are interested. I appreciate your journey of faith and your heart.

  • Keith Davis

    Judy, you are the second or third person in the past few days to remind me of the Psalms. A friend sent me Psalm 13. Listen to this.

    (Psalms 13 NCV) “How long will you forget me, LORD? Forever? How long will you hide from me? {2} How long must I worry and feel sad in my heart all day? How long will my enemy win over me? {3} LORD, look at me. Answer me, my God; tell me, or I will die. {4} Otherwise my enemy will say, “I have won!” Those against me will rejoice that I’ve been defeated. {5} I trust in your love. My heart is happy because you saved me. {6} I sing to the LORD because he has taken care of me.”

    POWERFUL!! And dead center of where I’ve been lately.

  • cwinwc

    You got one here in Florida Bro.

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