Monthly Archives: August 2010


From the beginning of time there have been seasons.  They come and go without thought.  Spring, summer, fall and winter flow on and on.  They each bring about change.  Some changes are a sign of the beginning and sustenance of life and still others are a sign of the faltering of life and ultimately death.   They exists because God placed them in order and He will hold them in order until time is no more.

The seasons do come and go and yet they don’t ask questions or seek blessings from the other.  They just exist.  There seems to be this acceptance of who they are.  Spring resurrects the death of winter while fall takes the life away from summer.  Winter brings the bitterness of cold and summer brings the steaming heat of the suns rays. Each, however, carries its own beauty and majesty.  Each does its own work to the glory of God.

Would to God that I could accept my season of life, as it is, in a much better way.  I want to accept and understand.  I really want to know the truth for my life.  I want to master this season and bring it into submission in my mind.  I desire to be that servant God is calling me to be, and yet my flesh battles against it.

It seems that just as I begin to come to grips with where I am, something else happens.  Sometimes this is a good thing and other times, I don’t get it.  Life’s circumstances become another juxtaposition that seems to place thoughts, concepts, ideas, and directions in complete contrast to who I am.

When the bottom line shows itself, that’s the real perplexing problem in this world isn’t it.  Just who am I?  What do you want with me?  Where are we going and when are we going to get there?

The season is going to change.  When it does, I assume I’ll just change right along with it.  The fear is the unknown.  The fear is not that God will be with me.  The fear is will I remain with Him?  Will I understand what’s happening?  Or will I question again?