Sanctifying Your Stable

Heard an awesome lesson this morning from pastor Doc Shell at a special service at Christ Chapel.  He spoke of the place where Jesus was born in a way I had never thought of before. 

Of course we all know that a stable is not the best place in the world to do anything–especially birthing a child.  There are smells (we won’t go into), there is the presence animals, and hay cannot be the most blessed of bed surfaces (assuming there was hay in the feed box where Jesus lay) on which to lay a new-born baby.  No matter what, the fact remains that the King of kings was born in a stable.

Pastor Doc talked about how this was a physically bad place for the greatest of all spiritual victories to have taken place.  While the world around Joseph, Mary, and Jesus was business as usual, the angels in heaven were singing praises because the Son of God had been made flesh and was among us!  God brought forth from a stable the one who would be the Savior of the world! 

Question:  What stable are you in right now that God is sanctifying for something great to come out of later?  So many of us think we are not where God wants us to be when all along he is trying to get us to understand that it is Him who is working in us something awesome for the future. 

This is a lesson in trust and faith.  Our trust cannot be grounded in anything other than God Himself.  We must trust that wherever we are, that is where He wants us right now–even though we can’t see the future.

Therefore, let us all sanctify our stables and continue being content with where we are in order that God’s mighty power can be working in us.  Set apart in your mind that the situation in which you find yourself just may be a place God is preparing something wonderful for you.

Share some of your thoughts about times when God has brought you out of the stable.


2 responses to “Sanctifying Your Stable

  • Cecil

    Hey Bro – just letting you know I do stop by on occasion and read. Miss and love you.

  • Keith Davis

    Hey Cecil. Thanks for stopping by. I miss you guys too. I hope that one day we might be able to get back together in Malibu or maybe another family trip to Cocoa. How awesome would that be!!

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