Prepare to Meet Thy God!

Ever wonder what it will be like when Jesus comes back?  I don’t mean the whole pre, post, or a-milliniel stuff.  I don’t concern myself so much about all the nuances of those arguments any more.  The question mostly comes out of an experience that happened today.

I meet lots of interesting people in the hotel business.  At our hotel, we get a wide range of people.  There are those who have lots of money who stay in hotels many nights a year–business people, retired people who are well to do, and others who just have plenty of money to spend and like to travel.  We have famous people stay with us–coaches, singers, actors, and more.   Then there are others who hardly ever get to travel.  They are at our hotel on a gift certificate, a friend pays for it, or they happen to win the contest at their company Christmas party and get to have a night’s stay.

Last night we had a family stay in our hotel who, let’s just say, were very well to do.  I don’t give out information here that might indicate who these people are for obvious privacy issues, but just know that this guy and his family were VIP’s and they got the royal treatment.  You wouldn’t think it though because they were almost impossible to please.   The coffee wasn’t right.  The fruit was “rotten.” The valet didn’t react quick enough.  And on and on.

When she called about some of her concerns, you can guess that yours truly answered the phone.  After a good chewing (actually she was very proper as she chewed) I explained that we all make mistakes and that we were very sorry that she had the experience that she did.  I told her that I hoped she’d come back and give us another chance to do better.  She assured me that coming back was not an option!  After a few more words of chastening, she let me off the hook.

Not to just cry sour grapes and not to just defend our hotel because it’s ours, but this was an obvious case of someone who, it didn’t matter how we acted, she would find a problem.  When you are part of our hotel like ours, you understand how important it is to take care of the customer.  At present, we are number 21 out of almost 400 hotels in customer satisfaction.  That’s pretty good.

In light of this, I asked someone at the office today, “How are people like us going to react when we see Jesus?”  One would get the sense that when Jesus comes back again there will be some who will just look at him and reject him.  Some will be so bold as to think they will be able to talk to God in anyway and God will bow to their wishes.

The word says that Philippians 2:10-11 “… at the name of Jesus every knee will bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.” Did I get that?  There won’t be any demands that day!  There won’t be any schedules that can’t wait.  There won’t be pride and cocky.  There will be bowing and confessing.  Awesome!!

So, the next time I feel like I’m superior to God’s ways and will, I need to think about Jesus and our next face to face meeting.


3 responses to “Prepare to Meet Thy God!

  • Ellen Davis

    Have said it many times before but I DO NOT know how people can live without Jesus. So many have the “I don’t care” attitude. We all need to learn to be humble. What a wonderful world it would be if we all wanted to look out for others more then ourselves. I really believe there would be no more hungry, homeless or poor people anywhere.

  • gregengland

    I hesitate to say this as a preacher-turned-funeral director, but death has a way of humbling people such as that family.

    • gregengland

      This reply was meant to go with the post about the rich family staying at your hotel.

      As for Jesus’ return? I hope to be in a cemetery when that happens. I want to see those graves open and those bodies rise!! Talk about AWESOME.

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