Time Flies When…

Do you remember when the phrase “time flies when you’re having fun” was true?  It really was.   Remember when you were playing a baseball game and the whole world seem to stop what it was doing, but it didn’t last that long?  Remember the vacations with family?  Before you left for that two week time period, two weeks seemed like forever, but it flew by.

The opposite of that was true as well.  As a young person, birthdays seemed like years away instead of just one year.  Getting out of school for summer just felt like it would never get there and Christmas seemed ages away–so much so that we all used to say, “slow as Christmas.”

What happened to that?  Now for me it seems like ALL events fly by.  Afternoons off seem like moments before I’m back at work.  Months click off by the hour.  Birthdays are passing by like monthly events and Christmas “sneaks” up on us.

I’ve had older people tell me that the older I get, the faster time goes by.  It’s really true.  James tells us that life is like a steam or mist that appears only a short time and then vanishes.  That statement seems all too real these days.

Here some lessons I’m learning about that.

1.  Sweat the small stuff.  When I think of someone now, I usually call them or go see them.

2. Take advantage of every opportunity to spend time with family.  Who knows?

3. Sit in the floor and play with my grandson.

4. Go with my kids places when they ask.

5. Tell my wife, “I love you” at every opportunity.

6. Do good to others when the chance comes along.

7. Call mom more often.  I wish I could still call dad–and grandmother–and ….

8. Take every opportunity to share Jesus and the good that He brings the world.

What do you learn from time?


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