God’s Name AND Football?

Most of you know that I am a Crimson Tide fan all the way.  For us, this year was a big time disappointment.  We had a record of 10-3 and fans are still disappointed.  That alone should tell you just how much pressure there is on coaches and players in Alabama.  The same is true for Auburn.  So, for many Alabama fans to say “congratulations” to Auburn is absolutely impossible.  In fact on Facebook last night some Tide fans posted the tide logo in Green and gold.  After the game some were even hostel about it.    I heard one person lash out at Cam because he didn’t use the name “God” early and quick enough in his insterviews.

There was a time in my life when college football was much more important.  After a Tide victory, celebration and talk would continue every day till the next game.  A loss could make me hurt in my stomach.  And a loss against Auburn (especially one like this year), was completely unbearable!  Thanks be to God that I I am no longer this way.  The games are fun to watch.  I still cheer them on.  I still get excited and nervous.  I still get angry at them when they do bonehead stuff!  But, when the game is over–it’s over.

This year was especially easy for me to pull for Auburn when they didn’t play Alabama.  The reason–coach Gene Chizik.  I have seen nothing of this man in the public arena that has not impressed me.  He is one of the most level headed coaches I’ve seen in years.  I’ve never heard a foul word from his mouth and nearly every time he is interviewed he says something to glorify the name of God–not only speaking the name, but giving praise and honor.

Last night was no exception.  He praised God, took no glory for himself, aloud the fans to enjoy the moment, and even took the focus to the players and fans stating that this was for them.   He said to his players in public, “I love you guys!”  I wonder how many of those boys don’t even hear that from their own families.

Even Cam Newton got in on the praise.  I don’t know if what this young man did in his past was true or not, but at least in the public eye, he praised God for his talent and getting him through all the adversity he has been in through this year.  He stated a real truth that God could take a really bad situation in our lives and turn it for something good.

So, for what it’s worth.  Congratulations Auburn on a great win, keeping the SEC number one, and most of all having a leader who is a man of faith!


4 responses to “God’s Name AND Football?

  • Meowmix

    Amen and amen!

  • Meowmix

    P.S. – I’m impressed with the young man who is now head basketball coach for our Memphis Tigers. I’ve seen something about it before, but in a recent news article, a lot was said about how he WILL NOT use profanity on the sidelines or with his players to get his message across.

  • gregengland

    I’d still rather see Coach Chizik express his faith with a “Loss” in the W/L column against Alabama!

    I’ve become far less interested in sports in general over the years. My son still follows the Braves and Bama with a passion. I follow with a passing interest simply because we work together! Otherwise, I’d never know who beat whom during any sports season.

  • Donna

    Yep, I decided about 6 years ago that it really was not worth me getting all worked up. I still love it, but I have quit letting it control me….at least mostly! RTR!!!

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