The Beginning of Me

One would think that writing the story of one’s life would simply start at the beginning.  But thinking about my beginning has been a difficult thing.  After all, I was just a little one.  Thinking back then was not something I–well–thought about!  Besides, when is the beginning of someone?   I could say it was when I was born,  August 16, 1964.  However, my mom tells me that I began to be thought about much earlier than that.

She tells me that they began trying to have a baby and for many years it just did not happen.  They were beginning to think it would never happen and seven years into that process, they got pregnant with moi!  How awesome is that?  To think that I was seven years in the making makes me feel very special.  Not that I am, it just makes me feel that way.

When I really give that some deeper thought, it is mind-boggling!  Imagine what would be different for me if they had birthed me seven years earlier.   I would have been born in 1957.  I would have graduated high school in 1975.  When I turned sixteen I could have gotten a “classic” car for my birthday!  I would be 52 years old now and qualify for AARP! But I digress!

Another side of this is, how many things I would have missed.  I would not have met Ellen and I would not have the absolutely most awesomest family in the world!  In this regard, I’m glad it took them the time that it did.  This teaches me a lesson.  God allows things at just the right time. He has used me in ways that I would have never imagined and could not have happened had I not been born at just the right time for Him.  So, whether for good or bad, I am glad I was placed here for such a time as this!  Thank you God for using mom and dad to get me here.


I have for a long time been wanting to write my story.  The story of “me.”  I don’t yet know what to call it, but I’m still thinking about it and hope that someday I can put it in book form for my kids.  My friend Greg did this some years back and I thought at that time it would be really cool to do this.  I’m going to try.

So, I hope that my kids appreciate it.  It’s kind of cool to that, if anyone wants to, they can read along. Of course, if you choose to do that, it probably means don’t have much to do, but you are so welcome here.  I will change the subject from time to time I’m sure, but I will come back to the story.  I’m also not going to put a lot of pressure on myself to write so it will be a long process.

Maybe I can learn some things by doing this.  Maybe along the way I can discover things about myself that will help me live this life in a more productive way.  We shall see.

Thanks for reading.


3 responses to “The Beginning of Me

  • Ellen

    I love what you are writing. One thing that you wrote was, “God allows things at just the right time”. I agree therefore I must realize that if we are to get back into the ministry then it will happen at just the right time for Him. I know your story but I love to read your writings. God has given you so many talents. Don’t ever be afraid to use them.
    Love you so much!

  • Greg England

    Bring it on. It’s a very cathartic thing to do. I’m considering going back through mine and revising it. Adding some things, re-writing some things. I, too, hope my children and grandchildren will one day appreciate it.

  • Meowmix

    Looking forward to this!

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