Passion Community Life

It is so encouraging as a speaker to hear someone say afterward, “I was really inspired by what you said today.”  I don’t pretend to think that I’m anything when I get comments like that.  When we as preachers speak from the heart (and I’ve been guilty of not doing that before—preaching canned sermons because of time or whatever excuse I could come up with) and we trust God to place within our heart those things that we need to be saying, we have to think and believe and have faith that it is actually God who does the speaking.

 As a spokesperson in the kingdom, we also have to believe that it is God who leads our hearts and we simply give to you what is on that heart that he is leading.  (Again—no pride here—no pomp and circumstance—no thoughts of perfection—and certainly no accolades or thoughts of grandeur on my part in saying these things.) To God be the glory!

It’s a humbling thing to believe that God is placing dreams into your heart in order for others to see His presence—His heart—His dreams—His visions.

 When I begin to think and dream about the future and God’s kingdom in Limestone County and beyond, I can’t get away from the thoughts of seeing a passionate group of people creating community and fellowship for the people of our culture who are nowhere near as fortunate as I’ve been.  

I see people who are hungry being fed.  I see people who don’t have a nice coat for winter wearing one.  I see people whose homes are devastated by wear and tear having those homes repaired or rebuilt.  I see church buildings take down their signs that separate our “doctrines” and “theologies” and replace them with something like, “God’s People Meet Here.” I see racial barriers demolished in the wake of the love of God who sees no color or nationality.  I see young people being motivated by other young people to seek out Jesus like they never have before.  I see older people teaching younger people about life and what’s important.

That list reaches into the heart of Jesus to the two greatest commands,  and begins to develop us as we seek to do His will.  We can ask, “When did we see you hungry, thirsty, naked, homeless, sick and in prison and take care of you Lord?”  His response,  “When you reached out into your community and touched the lives of others.”  (Matthew 25 paraphrased and condensed).  Or he might phrase that answer to us today, “When I saw you get out of your pews in the buildings you erected and go out and be the kingdom.” 


2 responses to “Passion Community Life

  • Donna

    very well spoken Keith!

  • Gela sparks

    I have to use talk to text I can see so pardon the Spelling. The word does not come from the heart comes from the Holy Spirit First Peter 119 3021 and so we have the profit word confirmed Would you do well take heed as a light that shines in a’ dark place Until the day dawns in the morning star rises in your heart’ but knowing thi is that no private interpretationat n Knowing this forprophecy our scriptrsnever came by the will of man but the holy man of God (they spoke as told and guided by the Holy Spirit


    :)o profit see of Scripture is up any private: interpretation for prophecy never came by the will about the will of man but the holy man of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spiritof man but the holy man of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit

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