Learning to Let Go

How many times have you heard the expression, “Let go and let God”?  I think I understand what that phrase means, but more times than not I don’t adhere to what I think it means.

First, what I think it means.  I know that there are many situations and circumstances that are just simply out of our control as parents, spouses, ministers, teachers, co-workers–just being human puts in life situations where we are totally out of control and just don’t know what to do.  Quite frankly, even when we think we know what to do, we really buck against it.  It’s just our nature.  

I think “letting go and letting God” means that we have already decided that in whatever place we find ourselves, He is in control and we are not.  If we enter into all relationships that way, it takes so much pressure off.

Now for my situation.  I’ve been holding on to a grudge for many years. Today it hit me square in the eyes just how much it has controlled my life.  I have been guilty of pride, selfishness, anger, maybe even hatred for some, jealousy, and all the nasty thoughts and emotions that come to those who harbor such feelings.

In an attempt to protect my pride I have been defensive and sarcastic in conversations with people about said grudge!  I find myself walking away from conversations asking, “Why did you just say that?” or “Why do I feel such a need to defend myself?”  

Today that same conversation started again with someone and I found myself becoming defensive just like many times before.  I noticed that when the conversation started, my lovely wife of 30+ years just dismissed herself to the restroom.  When she came back, she just looked at me with love and compassion and said, “You need to let this go.”  Then five minutes later, the very person I was talking to said the same thing.  I just simply broke down and asked right there if they would pray with me.

You see, this week I’ve attended the Tulsa Workshop and learned so much about the nature of who God is and who He wants us to be.  The one glaring phrase that has come from today was from our brother Patrick Mead.  He said that we need to approach people “with arms wide open and hands empty of stones.”  I have no right to be judge, jury, and executioner.  And I certainly have no right to cast stones with all the sin in my own life.  This message has set me free.

I have some plans when I get back to the office on Monday.  I am having a burning ceremony.  I have in my office a particular article that I took great offense to many years ago.  Why I kept it is really a mystery!  I used to say that I kept it as a testimony to the pride and arrogance of people.  Low and behold–the very thing I thought was a reminder of others’ arrogance and selfishness was simply serving to keep me captive.  I have been captive to my own arrogance and jealousy.  No more!!  Letting go is long overdue!  I’m done with that chapter of my life.

Dear God, help me to let this go and give it all to You.  I proclaim love for these people in Jesus name.  I pray for their continued success and that many souls be brought to Jesus.  I thank You for Your grace and mercy!  Praise Your Holy Name!!! Through Jesus!  AMEN!!!


One response to “Learning to Let Go

  • Donna

    Funny how that happens…..we become guilty of the very thing that made us so hurt and angry…I have found even when I think I have let it go it will come back and bite me if I am not diligent. Thanks for the reality check and I hope you really can let go!!

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