Blessed Today

Today I have been blessed to sit with a band of brothers and be encouraged and loved on.  These men are my confidants and understand the pain I’m going through in a unique way.

I am blessed with a wife of passion and compassion.  She is the nearly 31 year love of my life and best friend.  She understands my heart better than any other human on the planet.  We are sealed with love and the Holy Spirit.  I am so thankful for her.  I pray that I can be a catalyst to help her heal the hurts in her life.

I am blessed by a friend who called me on the carpet and loves me enough to tell me the truth.  Even if I don’t totally agree with him, I love him for his honesty.  I need these kind of friends.  I hope that I can only be the kind of friend who loves him back in the same way.

I am blessed today to have a friend who is a drug addict and has come to that realization and has admitted it in public.  He is on his way to healing. I appreciate our friendship and hope that he completes his road to recovery and is able to use his awesome talents to further the kingdom.  I pray that God will continue to use me in his life.

I am blessed.


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